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The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

Hello my lovelies,

So, have you noticed how in recent years, there are more and more organic food products out there? From organic produce, organic milk, organic chocolate, to organic sugar and yes, even organic taco shells (I bought some the other day). You might have contemplated switching one of the usual brands you buy, to try to an organic brand once in a while, but then you notice that it comes with a price, an expensive one at that and, very smoothly put it back on the shelf where you found it. You convince yourself that it’s all a scam and a big hype to get you to spend your money on something that’s not really worth it because there is no difference. In fact, come to think of it, organic produce seem to be so much smaller in size in comparison to conventional produce, but cost more, so does it even make sense to pay more for less? 

So here’s the thing, and I’ll keep it short, simple and sweet. Conventional produce contain pesticides and antibiotics. This is to ensure that they grow nice and big and look picture perfect for when we purchase them. However, when we consume such produce, we are also putting into our bodies the toxins that come along with it. You cannot just wash away the chemicals that penetrate the food. You may also think it's harmless to eat food grown with antibiotics. But are we not already chemically laden with toxins in our environment that we cannot control such as, heavy metals (vaccines, wood, dental fillings) and VOC's (carpet, paints, air fresheners)? If we have a choice, do we really want to swallow the damn things too? 

Organic produce are grown without pesticides or antibiotics. They don't always look pretty either. If you ever remember as a child growing potatoes or carrots in your back garden, you may remember that each and every one of them looked unique in their shape and size. That was how nature intended it to be. That was natural and normal. We are so used to everything including our lives nowadays, being photoshopped and filtered that we have forgotten what organic and natural really looks like. 

The price we really pay when we purchase non organic produce is through our health. Every day new research is showing us how toxins in the environment and in our foods are responsible for the diseases that we are experiencing. Do we really want to be another statistic? No, of course we don't, but what I hear a lot from people is that organic food is just too expensive. On top of that many people say it's just too hard to switch over from conventional to organic.  

I totally understand that. Not only is it hard to get your head around, It’s just not possible to switch everything to organic overnight because in all seriousness, you may have to take out a small loan to be able to afford all organic for your entire family for the rest of your lives.

So, here’s one solution to get started. Below there are two lists, one is called the Dirty Dozen plus, and the other is called the Clean Fifteen. The dirty dozen plus is a list of the top 14 foods that are most contaminated by pesticides and insecticides with 1 being the worst culprit. So, for example, apples are the most contaminated fruit you can buy when it is not organic. The clean fifteen contains a list of the top fifteen foods that are least contaminated. So, for example, you can buy conventional sweet potatoes knowing that they are pretty safe to eat. You can use this guide to help you make better choices and decide which produce to always try to buy organic and which produce is safe to buy conventional. As you get more comfortable with this type of shopping method, it will start to feel more natural and you will start to feel happier at making better, active, healthier choices for you and your family. Enjoy your next shopping trip my lovelies and have a fabulous day :).

Shorna xoxo


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