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Do I really need to detox?

Hi gorgeous ones :)

Today I really wanted to talk about detoxing and if it's right for you. Various people have asked me about it because they say 'everybody seems to be doing it, it's like the 'in' thing' (except it's been going on for ages) and really they don't want to be missing out. So here's the thing. Not everybody needs a detox. It really depends on your current lifestyle and eating habits. There are of course obvious signs that you are in need of a detox and I will go over them in a moment. But first, let me answer this - what is a detox?  A detox is a process that you go through for a short period of time, where you rid your body of toxins and flood your body with healthy deliciousness. The purpose of a detox then is to eliminate all the bad stuff and give you a kick start to better habits. Well, when put like that I guess everyone wants a detox, haha. But some people really need it, so who are these people and are you one of them? Below are some of the most telltale signs that you do indeed need to detox.

1) Stress

Good stress gets you motivated while bad stress wreaks havoc in your system. Everyone feels stressed some of the time, however, if you are feeling stressed out all of the time, then your body is trying to tell you something. First things first, chillax my friends :) Take some time out to do something for yourself. Maybe try a yoga class, or meditate for a few minutes before your day begins or at the end of your day. Eat lots of blueberries, almonds and spinach and, start a detox that allows you to enjoy some dark chocolate (did somebody say chocolate? yes indeedy).

2) Indigestion 

It's that bloated uncomfortable feeling you get in your tummy (upper abdomen). If you suffer from this regularly, it could mean that your digestive system is overworked and definitely underloved. Time for some much needed TLC and a detox that encourages easy to digest foods including soups and nutritional smoothies.

3) Fatigue and Mental fog

These two really go hand in hand. Both physical and mental fatigue is when you are experiencing tiredness to the extreme. It actually happens when your body is not properly digesting the food you are eating. Your body starts to shut down and your mind follows. Then when you can no longer focus on tasks that were once simple to you, you are experiencing symptoms of mental fog. This is all fixable with a good detox that focuses on lots of fresh fruit and veg and lots of berries, green juices and superfood smoothies :) 

4) Weight gain

It might not seem so obvious that you need a detox if you have gained weight that you are finding difficult to shift. However, weight gain is usually a symptom of toxicity build up especially in the liver. The best type of detox in this case is one that incorporates fruits and vegetables in every color you can think of, lots and lots of berries, lots and lots of water and regular exercise. 

5) Sleeplessness 

AKA insomnia. This is a common but not well known sign that you are indeed in need of a detox. A build up of toxins in your body will prevent you from getting good quality sleep. Pick a detox that allows you to have lots of fresh vegetables especially cruciferous ones like broccoli and cauliflower.

6) Sugar cravings and caffeine addiction

These two usually go together because both are symptoms of dependency. You crave all things sugary and the more you have them the more you 'need' them and, you would so rather have a naughty sweet treat than a healthier alternative. You also need that cup of coffee in the morning before anyone can have a decent conversation with you. You probably also need that afternoon pick me up coffee too, and lets not even start to talk about the ones in between. These are sure signs that you have a build up of toxins in your body. But not to worry because a detox will cleanse the system of all dependency. Pick a detox that offers one to one support because you will really need it. This detox I have to say is not an easy one but definitely doable if you are ready for it.  

So there you have it my gorgeous ones. Some of the top signs that you may be in need of a detox, a clean out, a proper cleanse or whatever you want to call it, you need it. If you fit the bill, then look into a suitable detox for you and remember, seek medical advice before starting your detox especially if you have any health concerns or issues.

I run several seasonal detoxes a year, and right now I have put together my Berry Fabulous New Year Detox for January 2017. If you are interested or to find out more, send me an email or if you are on Facebook 'like' my Feeling Fabulous page @AreYouFeelingFabulouswhere you can get all the latest info about my detox, send me a message and sign up!

Have a gorgeous day,

Lots of Love,

Shorna xoxo


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