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How to protect yourself this winter

Hi there wonderful friends :)

I don't think I have told anyone this before but I discouraged my family from getting the flu shot when I realised what was in those vaccines and, the potential side effects they can cause. This meant that we would have to take precautions to protect ourselves from the flu and colds by other means. There are many things little things you can do everyday that will make a difference. Follow my simple tips below if you too want to take back control of your health and do it your way :)

1) Laugh. Did you know that only one minute of belly laughter can actually boost your immune system for 24 hours? Compare that to one minute of anger that weakens your immune system for up to 4-5 hours. Imagine how much you are boosting your immune system when you watch a comedy movie, or when you have a fabulous time with family or friends. Laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to your health!

2) Hydrate. Drink lots of fluids, but not any kind of fluids mind. I know it's coming up to party season but I'm talking about the type that will hydrate your body and quench your thirst. Yes, you guessed it; it's water. Water is the number one best fluid followed by herbal teas and green teas. These drinks will keep the mucous membranes in your mouth and nose humid rather than letting them get dry and will in turn help support your immune system in the best way.

3) Relax. What is it that you find calming? For some it may be taking a walk in the fresh air, an easy bike ride, a gentle yoga session or even sitting down with a favorite book. These relaxing activities will activate your relaxation response and allow any tensions to melt away, which in turn will strengthen your immune system.   

4) Be positive. When you think good thoughts you will naturally smile, feel good and make others around you feel good too. Having an optimistic outlook on life has shown to lower blood pressure, decrease heart disease and increase life expectancy. You are also giving your immune system a great big boost. So next time you see the glass as half empty, think again!

5) Outdoor exercise. Whether it's nordic walking, hiking or running, get some friends together, wrap up warm and just do it. These types of exercises when done regularly will improve your blood circulation and pump your heart full of oxygen. It will also release the feel-good brain chemical (serotonin), and put you in a fantastic mood. This is such a great way to stimulate your immune system. 

6) Sleep. Did you know that we need more energy during the cold winter months? And what better way to get more energy than to get a good night's sleep? We know that when we don't get enough rest, we get run down and are more likely to get sick. So, go to bed a little earlier than usual during this period to give your body the rest it needs. Good quality sleep will regenerate the immune system immensely. 

7) Stay clean. As much as we like to use hand sanitizers, they are not the ideal way to get rid of germs. Use good old soap and water to wash and cleanse your hands to eliminate germs that lurk there after touching door handles, phones, buttons on elevators to your car steering wheel (yep you didn't think of that last one did you?). You are especially at high risk when you go to public places during flu season; like supermarkets, malls or work. Keep hands away from your nose and mouth area until you can rinse them well. By doing this you will stop the spreading of germs and protect yourself all at the same time.  

8) Wellness. What a great excuse to take a bath with your favorite essential oils, some epsom salt maybe, a nice sauna session, or better still, don't wait for your birthday - go get that massage you have been waiting for. You can quote me on this one - taking care of your self is very important when it comes to supporting your immune system and staying well.   

9) Eat real food. Well how about that? How could I possibly talk about protecting yourself, during the cold winter months without mentioning food glorious food? This tip is by far the most important in my opinion. When I say food, I don't mean any kind of food. I mean real food, the kind that you can grow in your backyard. Yessss - I am talking about fruit and vegetables my friends. Have it raw, blend it, steam it, roast it, just eat it already. Fresh is always first choice of course. However, we know it's not always possible to get enough of the good stuff consistently everyday. Adding whole food nutrition to your daily diet via natural supplements is a great way to ensure that you are bridging the gap and protecting your precious selves. 

So there you have it my wonderful lot. Follow these very easy peasy tips to protect you (and if you can convince your family and friends, then them too), from the nasty bugs out there that could potentially wipe you out. No more reason to call in sick to work! woohoo! 

If you would like more information about how you can add the best whole food supplements to suit your lifestyle, please do contact me at and don't forget to 'like' or follow my Facebook page @AreYouFeelingFabulous.  Be safe and stay well :)

Lots of Love,

Shorna xoxo


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