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Current weekly Yoga classes in Redbridge

Strala Energize

Mondays 7pm - 8pm

Strala ENERGIZE is a moving flow that will invigorate your body and mind while resting attention calmly on your breath.  You’ll feel awake, energised and super-creative!

Please NOTE: this class is Women only.

£7 per class. (Block book discount available)

Strala Gentle / Basic

Thursdays 7pm - 8pm

This session combines the relaxing introductory simple flow of Strala GENTLE that will open and strengthen your body while calming your mind with the focusing benefits of Strala BASICS.  

Move with ease through simple and challenging moments alike, you’ll feel refreshed, confident and happily capable!

Please NOTE: this class is Women only.

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Custom Yoga classes available on request

Private Yoga

Private Yoga is a one to one session between you and the Guide. Sessions are tailored to suit your personal needs and requirements.


This is for you if:

  • You lead a busy life & cannot commit to set gym class times.

  • You feel self-conscious in a group setting.

  • You are recovering from an operation or injury & need restorative yoga while you heal. 

A private session can take place in the comfort of your own home or at the studio. You can also share the cost by adding a friend to your session.

Prices vary between £25 - £50 depending on location & requirements. Discounts available for block booking.

Corporate yoga


Yoga in the workplace is a fun way to combat stress, get fit and also have fun with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere, and it's fast becoming an increasingly popular way to maintain employee health, wellbeing and performance. Studies have shown that workplace wellness can result in higher productivity, higher levels of employee engagement and cost savings.


Benefits of corporate yoga for employees:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety & fatigue

  • Boosts the immune system & improves health - less sick days

  • Reduces muscle tension & pain - improves posture

  • Increases energy & vitality

  • Increases motivation and efficiency 

  • Improves mental clarity & concentration

  • Boosts morale in the workplace

Benefits of corporate yoga for companies:

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced employee sick days

  • Decreased health care premiums

  • Higher job satisfaction amongst employees

A comfortable space suitable for your group size is needed. It can be a meeting or conference room. 

Classes are customised to suit company & employee needs.

Prices vary between £80 - £130 depending on location, requirements & number of participants.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is brilliant for kids because:

  • Non-competitive - every body is different

  • Teaches self-acceptance - to increase their confidence

  • Encourages healthy habits - to take care of the body they are in

  • Helps self-discipline & focus - to build concentration

  • Develop body & self- awareness - to understand their capabilities

  • Teaches calming techniques - to manage stress through breathing & meditation

Yoga for Kids is available at school as lunch time or after school clubs with DBS checked Guide.

Prices vary depending on weeks per term and no. of participants. Please contact for further info.

Pregnancy Yoga

For mummy's to be - at every stage of your pregnancy. Love the body you are in and the beautiful life growing inside of you, through nurturing yourself with pregnancy yoga. 


A gentle yoga to support you through each trimester, with poses that are safe for you and baby. Learn how to relax deeply through breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation, that will improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and ready you for the birth of your child. 

You can take this class as a private in your own home or the studio, duo with a friend or in a group setting.


Private (studio) £25 p/h; Group (studio) £8 p/h; Private (own home) depends on location.

Mother & Baby Yoga

Mother and baby yoga is a wonderful bonding experience and joint relaxation for both mother and baby. 

Benefits for mother:

  • Rest & rejuvenation, reducing anxiety & chances of the 'baby blues'

  • Renewing positive energy, enhancing emotional wellbeing & healing after birth

  • Rebuild pelvic floor, strengthen abdominal muscles, alleviate back & neck pain. 

Benefits for baby:

  • Promotes good quality sleep

  • Helps alleviate wind & colic

  • Encourages a more "settled" behaviour



Classes suitable for babies 4months + sitting independently and can take place in your own home or in the studio, privately, duo or in a group setting.

Private (studio) £25 p/h; Group (studio) £8 p/h; Private (own home) depends on location.

Yoga Events

Yoga is a wonderful addition for employees as a treat after meetings or team building days, or even at parties getting everyone involved in a relaxed and fun setting. It can increase the team spirit, help people let their guard down, feel less stressed & uptight & most importantly have fun.

The session will be customized to suit people's needs and the requirements of the event, with the main goal being to enjoy and let loose. 

Prices vary between £80 - £150 depending on location & requirements

Yoga Workshops

The goal of these workshops are mainly to spend extra time in particular areas so that come class time you can get the most out of them. Workshop focus can vary from:

Handstands, practicing ease, posing & alignment, breathing & meditation.


No experience is necessary and you don't have to be attending regular classes to come to a workshop. 

Booking required, maximum 15 participants.

Please contact to find out about upcoming workshops :)

Prices vary between £5 - £7 depending on number of participants

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