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Nutrition with Shorna


Health Coaching

My one to one 50 minute health coaching sessions are bi-weekly and can be face to face, skype or via phone call, with email support in between sessions.  


These sessions are about you and your health goals. I will develop a personalized program just for you and together we will work through challenges step by step to help you get to a healthier and happier you.

Are you ready to radically change your life for the better? 

Connect with me to get a free consultation :)

£50 / session. (6 month program block booking discount available)

Pantry makeover

If you know that you need to eat clean but don't know where to start, the pantry is actually a great place to begin. We will spend time going through all of your food cupboards, refrigerator & freezer and I will help you to decide what stays and what goes. 

What you will learn:

  • Back to basics - nutrition

  • What does it mean to eat clean? 

  • Learn what foods are / are not helping you to reach your goals.

  • Save money by eating clean.

2 hours session - £50 - £100 (depending on location)

Smart Shopping Trip

This is where you and I go food shopping together! What can be more fun?

You can show me what foods you normally purchase, and I will show you healthier and cleaner alternatives that will give you and your family, your health and life back.  


Learn how to shop smart - avoid foods that are unhealthy and recognize foods that are healthier for you. 

Become nutrition savvy & learn new ways to shop!

2 hours - £50 - £100 (depending on location)

Whole Food Nutrition Supplements

I am always asked about how to to supplement a diet with vitamins and which ones do I recommend.

There are so many choices out there nowadays that it can get very confusing.

My answer is to always make sure it is 100% whole food based and bio available, because this is what the body recognizes and is therefore able to absorb fully. Typical store bought over the counter vitamins are laboratory made and synthetic and our bodies cannot make good use of these ingredients.  

I have found a brand of whole food nutrition that I personally have added to my lifestyle and is so good that my entire family and extended family have added them to their lives. The overall health benefits are endless and I cannot go a day without them! 

To find out more and order please connect with me :)

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